YL&A's consulting services are among the highest-rated in the country.
We have worked with many clients, ranging from government agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

Database Design and Development

Can your company benefit from getting more information from your database? Are your departments not sharing information that is critical to the performance of your company? Then YL&A is the solution for you.

We strive to build the most efficient database systems for our clients. Many of our consultants are responsible for building some of the world's largest databases and data warehouses. Our database expertise is focused on all versions of DB2 z/OS.. We can build a database from scratch, administer an existing database, re-design an existing database, or migrate your current database to a different database.

Database Performance Audits and Tuning

Do you want to improve the performance of your database? Do you want to get the maximum potential from your database? Then YL&A is the solution for you.

Often applications are put into production and do not meet the performance expectations we know DB2 can deliver. The most common reason for this is lack of system performance tuning and poor application or database design.

YL&A can provide you a with a Performance Audit of your current DB2 subsystem and application. If we find a performance issue, we can help you determine the root of the issue and how to go about resolving it. We not only provide detailed reports on our audits but show you how to perform the audit yourself.

Version Migrations

YL&A now offers a service to formally help customers migrate to different versions of DB2 z/OS. These migration plans has been developed from years of experience working with customers just like you. We can help develop customized test plans for the various modes of migration and prepare you for what is new (via formal classes and/or informal knowledge transfer). We can also help plan testing to best utilize the new version and avoid any unexpected surprises. Be prepared and let us assist you in making the transition a success.

Legacy Migration

YL&A can help you migrate data and applications to DB2 z/OS from your legacy system. We have worked on site at many customer locations, designing, developing, and implementing new DB2 database and applications migrated from legacy systems. These migrations have included some of the largest DB2 customers in the world, with the databse availability and performance absolutely critical

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